User Experience In Web Design

Ensuring A Great User Experience In Web Design

How To Ensure A Great User Experience In Web Design

User Experience (UX) stands for the way a website performs according to the user point of view. UX is a performance indicator for a website as to how easy a common user finds the interface.

The basic deciding factor for a great user experience in web design is not decided by how good it looks but by how well it performs according to the requirements of the end users. A website designer creates a haphazard structure and then a UX designer gives that structure a shape to make it an easy glide for the end users so that they don’t get caught up in the maze.

L’homme de l’ecosse has years of experience working on the interface of websites and ensure that it is like a cakewalk for the end users to move along the different parts of the website.

There are four major factors which enhance the user experience of a website and makes it the most user friendly. These are as:-

  • Identification: – A user on a particular website should be able to easily identify the product, service or the idea that the website is based upon. If the user can easily identify the basic thing that he is looking in the website, this will give the user a great experience to be on the website as he gets his job done without any difficulty.
  • Stimulation: – The time a user spends on a website is directly proportional to how interesting the website looks. The more the user is involved into the website, the more time he spends there. So, in order to ensure a great UX, the design and the content should be drafted so well that it catches its user’s attention and keeps him involved.
  • Evocation: – A user spends good time on a website if he finds something of emotional importance there. He will keep on surfing till the time he is emotionally satisfied. There are certain emotional triggers which can be utilised into the design of a website to make it more attention grabbing, like happiness, fear, greed etc. Evocation demands giving life to the rather lifeless components of the website.
  • Usability: – A user will stay on a website for a longer time if it is easy to use. A complicated design will make him feel uncomfortable and, without wasting any more time, he will shut it down and go for an alternative option. Keeping the design easy enhances the user experience as the user can find easily what he is looking for.

These four approaches towards a web design can ensure a great user experience in web design and ultimately make the users stay there for a longer time. Lhomme de l’ecosse takes all these approaches into consideration while formulating some of the most user friendly designs.