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English to French translation for your website

You have a product or service that is relevant to a French audience.
A professional translation of your website can help increase your potential customer base.

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Get closer to clients, improve SEO, get an edge on competitors

Why you should translate from English to French

Many French speakers can speak English, however, a large number prefer not to. So if you want to really reach a larger French market, translating your content to French is almost a necessity.

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Being visible to the local audience

When it comes to being successful online, part of this is knowing what Google wants. Google wants to keep its users happy and they do this by showing search results that users want to see. This includes putting local results in that user’s native language high up on the successful search results. If you want your website to be found on the local Google,, then you need to have search terms and content in French. It’s that simple.

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Reach a wider audience

Setting up a business is a hard and time-consuming process. Getting everything together in a functioning platform can be tiring. Adding translation to what appears to be a never-ending list of things to do can be daunting, but it can really help to give you higher returns on all the effort you have put in to creating your platform. By translating your site from English to French you be able to reach a larger audience.

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Get traffic from French keywords

French users are not going to be typing in English search terms, they will be using French keywords. If you translate your site from English to French you are then likely to rank higher on Google’s search engines, putting you in the view of those French users you’re looking for. An easy translation from English to French will mean that your traffic will increase dramatically as you are now suddenly visible to French internet users when they search.